1/2" BoxBolt®

1/2" BoxBolt®

Item #CONF-BQ-12

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BoxBolt is a blind bolt that works like an expansion anchor for steel. It works with all types of hollow sections as well as other steelwork where access to the backside is limited. The BoxBolt can be tightened down form onside. The hexagonal shoulder lets the bolt to be held in position. The core bolt is tightened which draws the cone into the body which expands to form a secure connection. The BoxBolt comes in three grip lengths and three finishes.

Box Bolt Size Dim A Dim B Dim C
1/4 1-3/16 7/16 1/2
5/16 1-3/8 1/2 5/8
3/8 1-9/16 9/16 3/4
1/2 2 13/16 13/16
5/8 2-3/16 13/16 1-1/16
3/4 2-3/4 1 1-3/8

Minimum edge distance = Dim B + the thickness of hollow section

Product CodeDescriptionCore Bolt LengthClamping Range (X)Across Flats of ShoulderShoulder ThicknessSleeve DiameterHole Size DiameterAllowable LoadTorque
   MinMax    Tensile (lbs.)Shear (lbs.) 
BQ1Z121/2" BoxBolt Size #1 Zinc Plated2-3/16"3/16"1"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
BQ2Z121/2" BoxBolt Size #2 Zinc Plated3-1/8"3/4"2"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
BQ3Z121/2" BoxBolt Size #3 Zinc Plated4"1-9/16"2-3/4"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
BQ1G121/2" BoxBolt Size #1 Hot Dip Galv2-3/16"3/16"1"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
BQ2G121/2" BoxBolt Size #2 Hot Dip Galv3-1/8"3/4"2"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
BQ3G121/2" BoxBolt Size #3 Hot Dip Galv4"1-9/16"2-3/4"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
BQ1S121/2" Box Bolt Size #1 Stainless Steel2-3/16"3/16"1"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
BQ2S121/2" Box Bolt Size #2 Stainless Steel3-1/8"3/4"2"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
BQ3S121/2" Box Bolt Size #3 Stainless Steel4"1-9/16"2-3/4"1"5/16"3/4"13/16"13,01512,67659
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